The All-on-4 ™ treatment has received a lot of media attention recently, following aggressive advertising on the part of some dental clinics. While this approach can improve the quality of life of many toothless patients, it should not be considered to be a miracle treatment that applies to all situations.

Disclaimer: Although there are benefits from the All-on-4 ™ technique, you must be vigilant about the collateral damage that can be connected to this approach. To obtain a sufficiently strong post and / or to restore the lip support, the approach often requires substantial reduction of the maxillary bone. More conservative options can be a better solution. It is therefore important to first invest in good planning with experienced professionals to determine what is best for you.

The final bridge can be done either with a frame and zircon porcelain teeth or with a titanium bar and the acrylic teeth that are normally used in denture manufacturing.

The inside of the prosthesis completely frees the palate, and the transition between the gum and the bridge is still hidden above the smile line.

In conclusion, the All-on-4 ™ treatment is an excellent treatment of temporary compromise that can help patients. If you are considering this option, we will take the time to educate you fully on the advantages and limitations of this approach.

  • Image schématisée du traitement chirurgical et prothétique All-on-4
  • Vue de face d'un pont fixe sur implant de type All-on-4
  • Pont fixe sur implant de type All-on-4 en zircone et porcelaine
  • Vue palatine d'un pont fixe sur implant de type All-on-4
  • Vue de face d'une prothèse fixe sur implant de type All-on-4

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