Edentulous (Toothless) lower arch

Our approach for the replacing teeth in the lower jaw incorporates the same philosophy to avoid bone grafts as much as possible and to give useful teeth back to our patients as soon as possible. Currently, 98% of our lower teeth replacement cases are treated without a bone graft. We strive to rehabilitate our patients so that aesthetics, form, function and ease of maintenance come together to offer replacement teeth that are as natural as possible.

In most cases, the fixed implant screw-retained bridge with anatomical contours on 4 or 5 implants is our treatment of choice for the lower arch.

We have modified the original profile of the bridge to allow both a better adaptation to the gum and a self-cleaning shape. Patients do not require the use of a toothbrush for maintenance, eliminating the need for the health supplements (various brushes) that are usually specified for prostheses on implants.

It is also important to know that even if a patient has been treated with a raised bridge on pillars or other system (i.e., bar, clips, or balls with a removable prosthesis), it is often possible for us to convert your situation to the new fixed bridge without having to undergo another surgery.

  • Vue de face du scellement gingival avec un pont fixe sur implant de type barre Montreal
  • Barre sur 4 implants pour supporter une prothèse amovible
  • Vue intérieure d'une prothèse sur implant amovible avec attaches cavalier
  • Voici une photo d'une prothèse fixe sur implant avec un dégagement trop important compromettant l'hygiène

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