Marius bridge

The Marius Bridge was developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Yvan Fortin as a fixed bridge over implants solution for patients presenting more advanced bone and gum resorption of the edentulous (toothless) upper ridge. These anatomical deficiencies create a specific challenge when restoring the upper arch with regards to offering adequate lip support with the final prosthesis.

The Marius Bridge is a fixed-detachable prosthesis, offering all of the advantages of a fixed implant retained bridge with the added benefit of offering the lip support of a conventional denture, making a perfectly suited treatment option for most long-time denture wearers.

To allow easy cleaning, simple and durable locking mechanism allows patients to easily remove the bridge to maintain their oral hygiene using only a toothbrush.

Because the Marius Bridge is categorized as a fixed bridge, patients receiving this treatment have no need to remove it during night time or during hospitalized surgical procedures.

Patients receiving Marius bridge undergo a very conservative surgical procedure. Although this type of treatment is available to patients with a lot of bone resorption, we perform implant placement without a bone graft, all under local anesthesia, as a simple obturation.

  • Patient édenté complet du haut avec manque de support de lèvre dû à la résorption de crête
  • Vue palatine du pont marius fixe-détachable
  • Vue du face montrant le support de lèvre offert par le pont Marius
  • Patiente avec Pont Marius offrant un support de lèvre et un esthétique adéquat

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