To replace several teeth

Using the method described for replacing a single tooth and our technical expertise, it is possible to replace multiple teeth with implants and an immediate temporary fixed bridge within the same appointment. This can help rid a patient of a previous, unsatisfactory partial denture as well as guide soft tissue healing.

Regardless of your current starting point, we always pay very close attention to the aesthetic design of the future bridge to make sure our patients receive the most ideal outcome possible. To accomplish this, we will compare the appearance of your new teeth to those of your adjacent, natural teeth, and will consult with you to make the best choices for your new bridge. The final specifications will then be given to a dental technician to build your custom appliance.

Did you know that?

Replacing your post with crowns-on-teeth implants allows you to chew better and eat what you want. This will also prevent bone loss and help preserve the features of your face.

  • Patient avec crête partiellement édentée
  • Patient avec prothèse partielle amovible pour remplacement de dents
  • Pont fixe zircon porcelaine transvissé

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